Grace of Kyoto in taste

The suchi-go-round Waraku keeps the traditional art of maintaining freshness of fish. You will be entertained by its fresh and tasteful sushi.

Photo : Otaru

Sakai-machi 3-1, Otaru
TEL : (0134)24-0011
Parking lot in the premises
Open : 11:00-22:00
Last Order : 21:30

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In Otaru, the town of history and traditional Japanese flavor, we offer our best hospitality in the center of the town.

Photo : OtaruOtaru branch of Waraku locates at a few minutes walk from Otaru Canal in the center of the town. We have a good reputation from not only tourist but also the locals for our food.

Our restaurant with high ceilings and wide windows has been renovated from a historical store house made by stone, which dates back to 1919. The theme of the renovation is the fusion of Kyoto garden and historical stone warehouse. The atmosphere is so comfortable to have meals within. It's also worth visiting for sightseeing.

Photo : OtaruNight walk is another way of enjoying the town with illuminated traditional scenes. Our lit-up restaurant adds one more piece to the magical atmosphere.

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Waraku's recommends

  • Sa-ke (Salmon)

    One of the standard sushi menu.

  • Hon-Maguro-Akami (Lean Tuna)

    A popular menu. Tuna fan likes it for its flavour and texture.

  • Zuwai-Gani (Snow Crab)

    The snow crab meat prides itself on its succulence and volume. The flavor spreads plentifully inside your mouth, and is a dish you will want another plate of.

  • Ikura (Salmon Roe)

    We are selective to purchase the big ones from east of Hokkaido. The live scalloper (since it is live) can satisfy you with its resilient texture, taste and volume.

  • Katsu-Hotate (Live Scalloper)

    Everybody's favorites. That is the reason we put extra effort to select the best with its color and taste. When the season of salmon laying eggs, it's about time our home made to be tasted.

  • Nama-Uni (Live Sea Urchin)

    Best qualified sea urchin from Hokkaido will convince you its worth. It matches best with dried laver seaweed. One of the most popular piece.

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